Episode Overview

In Episode 97 of Your Leadership Legacy, Tina Paulus-Krause sits down with the remarkable Christian “Boo” Boucousis, a former fighter pilot whose career took an unexpected nosedive due to an autoimmune disease, propelling him into the adrenaline-fueled world of entrepreneurship as Afterburner’s CEO.

This episode takes you on Boo’s extraordinary journey from chasing the thrills of flying combat jets to navigating the uncertainties of business ventures. He shares insights about the profound impact of setting ambitious goals and the value of a resilient mindset in overcoming professional challenges, all while drawing parallels between the disciplines of a fighter pilot and the strategies needed for successful leadership.

Ever considered how the lessons learned at 30,000 feet can revolutionize your approach to leadership and teamwork? Boo unveils the seldom-discussed dynamics between leading and following, dissecting the ‘leading outcomes’ concept where expertise trumps hierarchy, and the ‘wingman model,’ which advocates for a distinct separation of strategy and execution. The conversation moves from the meticulous, low-stress operations of a pilot to the transformative journey that leads us from chaos to clarity, offering you invaluable lessons on the importance of defined roles and strategic thinking in any organization.

This episode hands you the keys to unlock the full potential of your team with a framework consisting of a strategic blend of empowerment and technology that underscores Boo’s philosophy. Boo challenges the traditional views on legacy, emphasizing the lasting impact of decisions over accolades or recognition. So, buckle up and prepare for takeoff as Tina & Boo guide you to empower your leadership skills with practical, battle-tested strategies designed to elevate your team’s performance to new heights. Listen in and explore how the right mindset can propel you beyond the horizon of ordinary leadership!

About Christian Boucousis

Christian “Boo” Boucousis is an impactful and results-oriented world-class speaker as well as the CEO of Afterburner, Inc. Boo walks the talk, having provided leading global organizations such as McDonalds, Zurich, Pfizer, and Microsoft with experiences of immediate and dramatic ongoing performance leaps thanks to his secrets of creating a “Deep Performance Mindset”.

Boo is an authority on inclusive and sustainable performance because it’s in his DNA. Fulfilling his boyhood dream of becoming a fighter pilot at the age of 21, he transitioned into business after the diagnosis of a crippling auto-immune disease 10 years later.

He’s reinvented himself numerous times by transforming the ways of thinking and working he acquired as a fighter pilot – and in doing so, has built a humanitarian business turning over in excess of $200 million, developed a $42 million high-rise hotel, transformed an iconic publishing business into a digital publishing powerhouse, and now works with iconic brands and people to implement the methods that drive habitual success.

Authoritative and entertaining, Boo equips you, leaders, and teams with a simple framework, which paves a new way of thinking and working together, empowering you to surpass expectations consistently. His unique performance mindset is fueled by a deep curiosity around what makes us tick as human beings. Boo connects us with our human performance strengths & limitations and navigates you towards the skills needed to evolve at a deeply personal level. Forever.

Christian “Boo” Boucousis’ Website
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0:00 – Intro
1:41 – From Fighter Pilot to Business Leader
5:07 – An Accelerated Learning Curve & Flawless Leadership
6:37 – Pushing Comfort Zones for Growth
11:55 – Evolving Leadership & Knowing When to Follow
17:13 – Navigating Through Chaos & Into Clarity
20:17 – Aligning Your Entrepreneurship with Your Authentic Passion
24:37 – When Self-Interest Becomes Evident in Leadership
28:20 – Empowering Leadership for Impact
32:23 – Viewing Legacy As Impact Rather Than Recognition
35:07 – Conclusion