Episode Overview

In Episode 96 of Your Leadership Legacy, join Tina Paulus Krause on an exploration of life’s natural rhythms and personal growth with one of her best friends & guest, Keri Stanley. Listen in as they discuss the mysterious effects of the full moon on sleep patterns and how it intertwines with the ebbs and flows of our physical well-being. As we embrace the spring season, Tina & Keri share their thoughts on the vital practice of self-assessment and the art of prioritizing to keep our lives aligned with our goals. This conversation sheds light on the importance of being present and adjusting our sails as we navigate the waters of both personal and professional endeavors.

Mornings have transformed from bleary-eyed coffee hunts to purposeful moments of reflection, thanks to ‘heads and tails’ meetings, a strategy Keri & Tina swear by. It’s not just about setting intentions for the day ahead but also about bookending our evenings with an accomplishment review. Likewise, our team meetings on Mondays and Fridays are not your average office gatherings — they’re an expansive space for shared growth and strategic magic, whether in the boardroom or the living room.

As we embrace life’s natural rhythms, the art of calendar management has never been more crucial. We’re all trying to sail smoothly through commitments without capsizing into overwhelm. Tina & Keri get candid about the dance of scheduling, sharing not just the pitfalls but also the joys of leaving space for spontaneity. Join in for an episode that’s filled with laughter, revelations, and the kind of practical wisdom that could only come from two best friends navigating the wild seas of life’s transitions.

About Keri Stanley

Keri Stanley is the founder of the Grace on Fire movement, inspirational speaker, and global adventure enthusiast. Her passion is helping women in their 40s and beyond to create lives that are fulfilled with aliveness and adventure.

Facilitating spiritual adventure retreats across the world moving women from a “now what” chapter to intentionally living the most extraordinary season of their life.  Keri is a marathon runner who lives all over the world on an endless mission to help others ignite their lives.

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0:00 – Intro
1:11 – The Moon & Life’s Natural Rhythms
3:24 – Spring in Full Bloom, Reflecting on Goals & Creating Momentum
11:20 – Do Your Commitments Match Your Calendar?
14:33 – Implementing Intentionality & Being Strategic with Your Time
21:00 – Managing Commitments, Calendar & Life Balance
25:27 – Mindful Transitions and Embodied Self-Care
31:05 – Aligned Action and Manifesting Strategies
36:44 – Conclusion, Listen to Part 2 on Keri’s Podcast