Episode Overview

In Episode 94 of Your Leadership Legacy, join Tina Paulus-Krause on a riveting journey with the incredible Angelina Kardash, who shares her empowering transformation from a high-stakes Silicon Valley executive to a beacon of wellness and mentorship. Listen in as Angelina opens up about her battle with an incurable autoimmune disease and how it propelled her onto a path of holistic healing and profound self-discovery. Her story is not just inspiring — it’s a guide for anyone looking to take control of their health and harness the power of resilience to navigate life’s toughest challenges.

This conversation is a treasure trove of actionable wisdom for crafting a legacy of health and vitality. Angelina provides practical advice on incorporating simple self-care rituals into your daily routine, such as sun gazing, mindful movement, and the invigorating effects of cold showers. Hear how intentional daily habits can significantly enhance your energy and overall well-being, and learn about the fascinating role of epigenetics in shaping your health destiny. Get ready to be motivated by Angelina’s transformation and discover how you, too, can create a lasting legacy of wellness!

About Angelina Kardash

Angelina Kardash was once a high-flying executive in Silicon Valley, now champion of health and wellness. Amid her corporate triumphs, Angelina faced an unexpected adversary – a serious autoimmune disease diagnosis. This unexpected turn steered Angelina onto a path of reevaluating everything. She dove headfirst into holistic health science, behavioral psychology, and neuroscience, hungry for solutions. The knowledge she uncovered not only reversed her autoimmune condition but also brought her to a level of health and vitality she hadn’t dreamed of.

Fueled by her transformative journey, Angelina founded 5 Senses Optimal Health. She gets the hustle of demanding careers, her mission is clear: equip busy professionals, entrepreneurs, influencers, and those navigating hectic lives with the tools to conquer health challenges in mid-life and beyond. Her approach, a fusion of science-backed methods, tackles issues like aging, stress, fatigue, burnout, sleep woes, and weight gain. Angelina’s teachings unlock potent tools for peak physical and mental performance, guiding individuals through mid-life with a promise – vitality, resilience, and a renewed sense of well-being, coupled with a rejuvenated youthfulness that lights up their lives.

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0:00 – Intro
2:41 – Transformative Wellness Journey Leading to New Career
6:14 – Cellular Health & Wellness, Transforming Lives through Self-Care
12:13 – Prioritizing Daily Self-Care Habits
18:11 – Creating a Legacy of Optimal Health
21:29 – Conclusion