Episode Overview

In Episode 92 of Your Leadership Legacy, Tina Paulus-Krause has an empowering conversation with Deanne Klein, a certified nutrition coach, who has experienced the profound transformation that occurs when you invest in yourself and now guides others with the insight she received.

Deanne shares the results she and her clients have received by prioritizing themselves in their own lives. She also touches on the key concepts that keep her focused and aligned with her Why. This episode unpacks the journey of creating a new mindset and the benefits of incremental change. Deanne & Tina’s conversation is an impactful call to light yourself up, becoming a beacon of light for others as well!

About Deanne Klein

As a mom, wife, nutrition coach, and business professional, Deanne Klein has been in the business of helping people for years. Always go go go, do do do. Two years ago she decided to pause and invest in herself! Today, she knows how that investment changes lives and is excited to help people get a return on their wellness investment.

She prides herself on guiding people to make small, simple changes that will deliver lifelong results. Each plan is tailored to the person and everyone receives the guidance and gentle nudge they need to achieve results.

Your time is now! Take the next step to ensure your health keeps pace with your wealth so you can enjoy retirement. We worked too hard to settle for anything less.

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0:00 – Intro
2:42 – Investing In Yourself
6:28 – How to Prioritize Yourself
8:52 – Accountability, Your Why, & Releasing Control
12:23 – You Don’t Need Help, You Want Guidance
16:12 – Leading a Team Efficiently Using Pause, Reflection, & Celebration
18:13 – Shifting the Energy: The Ripple Effect of Your Inner Work
26:12 – Finding Community & Keeping the Right Energy in Front of You
28:49 – Leaving a Legacy
29:55 – Conclusion
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Tina: Hey everyone. Welcome to Your Leadership Legacy. My name is Tina Paulus-Krause. And today we have Deanne Klein on the show and I’m super excited to bring her up to the stage. Hey Deanne, how are you?

Deanne: I’m fabulous! Thanks for having me, Tina.

Tina: It’s so good to have you here. I’ve watched you from afar for so long. We work together in corporate so I’ve known you for, I don’t know, 15 years or something crazy like that!

I’m super excited to have you on the show and here’s why. Because you’re making some big moves in life and I watched you along the way. I just watch you gradually get more fired up and more fired up and more fired up. It’s just really such a pleasure to have you on to talk about that.

So I think what I want to do is I want to kick off and I want to just ask you to talk a little bit about your background and who you are and what you’re uniquely bringing to the world right now.

Deanne: Yeah. So again, thanks so much for having me. This is super, super exciting. I woke up with goosebumps! And that’s how you know that that’s your passion, right? So you really have to be in tune with yourself because when you get goosebumps that’s kind of like a trigger to me.

So a little bit about myself, right? So I am a mom of two amazing adult children that continue to educate me on a daily basis. Right? It’s super exciting when they get to that age where you’re truly having engaging conversations with another human as opposed to necessarily a kid conversation if you know what I mean.

Tina: Yeah, yeah. Adult kids are the best.

Deanne: Right? It is. It is. It’s truly great. Again as you mentioned I am in the corporate world. And as part of that I get to help people find and fix solutions every single day so that they can achieve their goals. So agents can use this tool to excel. That’s really what it’s all about.

And I’m really excited because two years ago I finally paused and said “You know what? I need to invest in myself.”

Someone posed a question to me about “Do you love yourself?” And I was like, “Love, what kind of word is that? I don’t know.” And it really kind of made me sad.

Tina: I hear you. Yeah.

Deanne: It was by far the best investment that I’ve made in myself. The return has been endless! And not only has it made my relationship with self better, but it’s made my relationship with others flourish. Life is just different!

And as part of that investment, I truly identify…like, “What gives me goosebumps? What’s my passion?” I’ve always had a passion for helping people. I love to help and I’m sure if you called any one of the agents that I work with, they’re like “Yeah, Deanne’s great! If you need help, call Deanne.”

I’m always happy to help them and now I get to help but in another way. I’m helping people live healthier with simple changes. I think people have really over complicated it, thanks to social media, and it’s just a turn off, right? Nobody wants to make huge investments of time and everything else. We’re busy. We’re super busy, right? So I’m excited that I am helping simplify it for people.

Tina: Yeah, you are known for and I’ve always known you to be that person, so where you’re going just seems like such a natural fit. You said something that I want to go back to. You said that there was a moment when you took a pause to invest in you.

And I want to ask about that pause. What happened? What was going on in your life that led you to go, “My God, I need to pause.” What was happening?

Deanne: Yeah, you know, I think I just felt like I was in this…not necessarily a rut per se…but my life always had this roller coaster to it, right? I always had this up, and then every couple of months I hit this down, and then it was just cyclical like that.

I joined one of those masterclass events that we see on social media and I was like, “Why not?” You know? And then someone offered me this free conversation and I was like, “30 minutes free? Absolutely! Why not, right?”

And I was fortunate to get connected with the person that was just like, “Hey, you know what? You’re worth it. I mean let’s be honest.” And the thing that she said to me was…and it seems kind of simple now, but what it was for me was…

”Deanne, if your furnace went out today, you would fix it, right? You would be on the phone saying, ‘Hey I need a new one. Come in here and get that.’ Why? Why aren’t you investing in yourself like that?” Because again, we are our most valuable asset and we don’t we don’t think about it like that, right?

Busy women, especially busy women with children or caring for their parents – we have been…Go go go. Do do do for everyone else but you.

Tina: Yeah.

Deanne: And that’s the mess. So once she put it like that, it was like, “Well, hell! I’m so worth a furnace.”

Tina: Heck yeah! I’m worth that.

Deanne: But again, it’s the mentality of, “Do I want to spend that? Do I want to do that? Do I want to invest? Do I want to spend that money on me?” And I’d do it again and again and again, over and over and over. It was priceless.

Tina: Yeah. I think that it’s our programming, right? Our programing says that. For me, when I started to go down that path – it’s so crazy that when you talk to people that have these light bulb moments that are like, “Oh my gosh, I get to invest in myself.” Talk to them at a later point and they’re like, “I should have done it a long time ago.”

But I want to dig into the reasons why we don’t. Right? And for me, I didn’t even know that was an option. I didn’t even know that there were spaces out there that would support me to do that. In fact, I didn’t even realize the extent of my burnout because I was so in it.

And so the keyword that you said there was that pause. So when we take a pause to go, “Wait a second, what is it that I really want?” It’s a game changer! So what would you say to somebody who’s listening to this right now and they’re where you were when you were on the internet searching for answers and looking for answers to “Why am I feeling like this? Why is this happening?” What would you say to those people as a first step?

Deanne: I would tell you that you have to go with your gut. Quit “shoulding” on yourself. Right? When you have the opportunity to have a conversation with someone – and if you’re not sure who that someone could be to talk to, right?

I mean let’s be honest, one of my first calls was to you, Tina. “Let’s talk about this.” Make the phone call. Reach out! Send the email. Inquire. It’s kind of like life insurance, right? Don’t let it be too late. Invest in yourself today.

Tina: Yeah.

Deanne: I mean, it’s never going to be – it seems kind of cliche – but it’s never going to be the right time. You have to take it and tell yourself that you’re worth it every morning. Every morning, come up with your own mantra and continue to tell yourself you’re worth it. Go to bed every night and say, “You know what? Today was awesome because…” We’re busy women and we don’t take time to celebrate wins. We don’t take time to invest in ourselves. And it’s those little things that really…once you get in the mode, you will feel so much different. I promise. I promise.

Tina: Yeah. So what I hear you saying is, “Just start!” Just pick up the phone and call somebody and go, “I’m here. I don’t know what the answer is.”

I want to talk about “tied to the outcome” because we’ve talked about that a little bit. Before the fall, we were talking about trying to control the outcome and being tied to the outcome and stuff like that. So I want you to talk about that because here’s what I know happens. It happened with me. I heard you talk about it. I coach people all day long. It’s a very common thing that we get to this moment where we have this light bulb moment like, “Oh my gosh, I get to receive support. I get to figure this out. What does this all look like?” But we don’t know what that first step is.

And it’s easy to get kind of scared and easy to go, “Well I’m not going to do anything because I don’t know what it is.” Right? We feel like we have to have control over knowing what it is before we take that step. So how did you work yourself into just taking that first step? Because it’s quite a process.

Deanne: Part of it was, I had a coach that said, “Yeah, you’re going to do this tomorrow.” And I don’t want to let people down. I will not let people down. That’s just it. And so the minute she set an expectation, I was like, “Game on!”

So it’s having that support and having that person in your corner to help nudge you along the way. As much as it is you still have to take accountability, right?

Tina: Absolutely.

Deanne: You have to keep your eye on the prize. You have to remember your why. This whole process has to start with self reflection. Get into your why. Because, if you don’t get close with that, I guarantee you will fall off. You will lose sight of what it is you’re even trying to accomplish if you don’t know, truly, the why. So there’s something to be said about the Five Whys.

Tina: I know that this seems weird but talk about why. Why is it so important to know your why?

Deanne: Because when you do have that moment of, “Ugh, I need to… Should I do this or what should I do next?” Remember why. Why is this important to me? Why do I want to accomplish this? Okay remember again, that’s my prize. I have to then stay the course, ask the question, not lose sight.

There’s something to be said for a vision board, right? Who would have thought I would have done that?

Tina: Yeah, it’s all right. It’s the shift. When we’re sitting in it and we’re frustrated or mad, or whatever it is, and we’re sitting in it… When we go, “Hey, what’s my why?” It brings us back to groundedness. That brings us back to center and brings us back to what we say that we really want. Because there’s so much noise out there, it’s easy to get distracted.

Deanne: Right! And even in this moment, as I think back about my why, I feel the energy rising from my toes all the way up through my entire body. It is amazing! And that’s the trigger to get me back on track and stay focused.

Tina: Now you’re giving me goosebumps because it’s true. And it’s really about allowing yourself to go there, right? When we’re in control – when I’m feeling like I have to control everything and, “Oh my God, my life is going to fall apart if I don’t just keep this control.” The second we let go of that control, that’s where the freedom comes. You don’t have to know the outcome. You just get to know who to surround yourself with to help hold you accountable.

So I want to go down the coaching route because in my head, when I started on my journey – back in the day, we brought a coach and that meant that we’re on performance improvement. It meant that something was wrong. It meant you better get your stuff together, kind of thing. And so it’s couldn’t be more from the truth because I’m super proud to be a coach. I hold space for people. You know? We’re their best cheerleader.

But I want to talk a little bit about this programming that we have…that coaching means that something’s bad or something’s wrong. How did you feel about that?

Deanne: Right? Is coaching going to be that, “Oh my God, I’m going to sit down and we’re going to talk and you’re going to listen and it’s going to be 40-50 minutes and I’m going to walk away and be like, “Okay…” and then whatever, I’m not going to remember.

That’s kind of what I think it is. It’s in the moment. You can go to a meeting in your day job and then all of a sudden it turns into this therapy conversation, right? And that’s the point. I guess I hadn’t really thought about it as much, but I think coaching does have that little bit of its own meaning where people are like, “I don’t know if I really need a coach. Does that mean I need help?”

If that’s your hang up and you’re like, “I don’t need help.” It’s more like…you want guidance. Right?

Tina: Support, yeah.

Deanne: You want to be the best you, right? You want to be the best you. There’s nothing wrong with having a coach and having conversation. There’s a reason they both start with the letter C. It’s just an opportunity to converse and collaborate and communicate. Priceless.

Tina: Yeah, it really really is. And I think anybody can do it on their own. For sure. There’s lots of resources out there, but when you surround yourself with that support system, you go farther…faster. It’s a faster thing. We can stay in touch and all of that.

So I want to talk about a word of the year because I love your word of the year. So talk to us about your word of the year and why it’s your word of the year because it goes right into what we’re talking about.

Deanne: Yeah, absolutely. My word for the year is Believe and I truly believe in myself. This is…2024, is going to be my year. It has to be. And I believe in you. I believe in everyone and I want to help them make those beliefs come true. I want to help you build up. If you truly don’t believe in yourself, let’s chat! Life’s too short…believe in yourself.

If someone doesn’t believe in you, I would question whether or not they’re the right person to be around. Surround your people that are believers too. And you want to put people that believe in themselves. It’s an energy.

Tina: It is totally an energy. Let’s talk about that. Let’s go there. It’s an energy. So what do you mean by that?

Deanne: Yeah, we’ve all been – and can think about that person we were with – where the whole conversation was like, “Wah wah wah.” It just sucked the life out of you.

Tina: Taker versus giver. I just posted that today.

Deanne: And you want to and you should believe in yourself, right? Because when you believe in yourself – like as a manager in my day job – How you interact with your team members and with your peers is that you just naturally want to believe in them. You want to believe in the best for them. It just changes. Outcomes change, so surround your people with the people that believe in themselves and the people who believe in you. And it’s time to maybe walk away from those that don’t so much.

Tina: Yeah, totally. So if I’m a team leader and I’ve got a team of people where not everybody on my team believes in themselves…

Because when we don’t believe in ourselves, it shows in our results…is where I’m going with this. It just does…it shows in the results. And so how as a leader do I bring that mentality into the team? How do I bring that energy, as you say, into the team?

Deanne: I think I’ll reflect back on comments I made earlier about wins. Giving everybody an opportunity. Ones to celebrate those wins. We need to and then we need to take moments to acknowledge others.

Again, it’s no different – whether you’re the busy mom and your go, go, go – the corporate world would like to tell us that we need to be more efficient, right? And I think that’s what they believe…that we can do more with less. And it’s hard work. It’s draining, right? If we don’t take the time to pause and get people to believe in themselves, celebrate their wins, and acknowledge their value…it’s burnout for everyone. It really is.

Tina: And when we’re in burnout, we’re not creating results. That’s just the thing.

I think that was my biggest wakeup. You know, I sat in this suffering for so long and when I say sat in the suffering it’s…you’re mad, you go home, you take it out on your family, you have a bad day and night, you go back to work, you take it out on your team at work, and you’re just always in this funk and always in this negative energy or this energy of just heavy. Doing the work to turn that around, not only for yourself – like you’ve done Deanne, it’s amazing – but when you do that, the ripple effect is real. Even when you don’t even want it or mean for it to be real.

So talk to us about the ripple effect that you’re seeing in your life, personally and professionally, because you are doing the inner work.

Deanne: Yeah, I think it’s weird and it’s the simple things, right? So I have a group of friends that we’ve been going to International Dinner Night. That was a New Year’s Resolution a friend of mine had back in 2017, that every month we were going to go to some different ethnic restaurant.

When we first started that…[I felt like] “I’ll just sit in the corner over here.” I’m pretty quiet. I don’t say much of anything. And now, I hear someone say something like, “That was super cool!” And right away, my words are like, “That is so awesome. I’m so happy for you. I’m so excited for you. That is so cool.” I’m talking less, I’m listening more, and then I’m acknowledging their excitement and encouraging them. Encouraging others feels good! It doesn’t have to be about me.

Tina: Talk about changing the energy in the room!

Deanne: Yeah. It’s really fun.

Tina: Yeah. It’s easy, right? For me sitting in the suffering…it was hard. It felt hard. Life was always hard and when I did the inner work and started changing how I showed up – which is what you’re talking about – you show up in a different way. You start seeing different results. And so it gets easy.

Today it’s easy…doesn’t mean that everything’s always perfect, so I want to make that super clear. So when it’s easy, does that mean that there’s no issues and no challenges and no conflict?

Deanne: No.

Tina: No, not at all. It means that we roll through them in a different way, which is amazing and way more easy in and of itself.

So I want you to talk a little bit about that. How are you? How has that changed? Even just the outcomes and stuff…how has that changed in your life?

Deanne: Well like I said, it was work. Because to your point, it’s not necessarily easy, right? Anything new isn’t easy right out of the gate, but it’s different and it’s getting easier. But I challenge myself too! I mean, a lot of the ways would be like, “Hey! I am going to go do this and tonight I’m going to try to…”

Tina: Today I’m going to do a podcast, right?

Deanne: Yeah! Today I’m going to do a podcast! What? Yeah, and sometimes it’s hard to explain, obviously, but it’s an energy that you feel. Again, it’s different. It just gets easier. And when you sit across from a peer and they say to you, “You just have this kick in your step. You got this smile about you.” I feel the energy. That’s the win, right? That’s what you hope for because you always are looking for setting a goal, how are you going to measure it, what’s it going to look like, and what does success look like? Success, in this case, is when that other person noticed. They saw my energy. And that’s no different.

I have a client that I was working with and I’m all about simple changes, right? I mean, it’s not going to stick if it’s not simple. Let’s be honest. Life’s too busy. And to get a text message from them being like, “Hey, guess what? I packed my lunch today and I got it out and I had this and this and this in there and I didn’t even think about it when I put it together.” I was just like, “Oh, well that just made me feel so good” You know, the little things.

Tina: It’s always all about the little things. Yeah, it’s those little incremental steps because today this is going to be different and tomorrow that’s different and then the next day, that’s different. And little by little it happens.

And I watch you. We don’t talk a lot, but how you’re showing up, even today on this [podcast]…ten years ago, five years ago…it would have been a lot different. You were. You were a lot quieter. All that stuff was probably still happening in your head but it wasn’t coming out. Is that a true statement? Like you were thinking it maybe…but it wasn’t coming out in the energy?

Deanne: I would say I am a completely different person and I’ll be honest. I was Negative Nelly. I would have said “because” a hundred times and I would have been like, “Well…had they done that, then we wouldn’t have this problem. If they…then we wouldn’t… Had she…then we would…” No. I’m owning it and it’s not about me. It’s about we. What are we going to do to accomplish this together?

Tina: Yeah, I think that’s one of the biggest things because we are who we are until we’re not. And so, as we incrementally change little by little by little, it’s crazy when we show up in it. Because I’ve had people say, “I want what you’re taking” and…it’s called rearranging your mindset…is really all that it is.

I used to be the one at the cooler talking smack, right? I used to be the one that was negative. I get all that, and sometimes people hold us in our past and that’s okay. It’s okay because eventually they will come around to their own and people will transform as they are ready.

And so I want to honor you, Deanne, because you are lit the heck up and it’s so fun! I get goose bumps even thinking about it because my why is exactly this. It’s knowing who somebody has been and then they make a couple of changes and they show up in a whole different way. And when we do that, that’s when we begin to change the world, so that lights me up. You light me up. I’m super proud of you.

Deanne: Thanks. You know it’s funny to talk about how I light you up. I was on a call [with a coach] in search of, “Maybe I should do this program to help expand my business. Do I? Do I need this? Is this the right program for me?” And she helped me. I was explaining to her my passion and how I can this and how I can that. The next thing you know, I did not sign up with that company to do their program, but I got a client.

The gal on the other end of the phone was like, “Your energy is amazing. Your passion has me excited. I want to work with you. I will.” And I was like, “Okay, this is great!” I called because I thought I was going to maybe get on your list to be your customer of your program. Instead…

Tina: Yes. That’s like reverse sales!

Deanne: That’s it, right? I think when we were talking earlier in prep for today, it was, “I don’t have a one size fits all,” right? I’m not the mechanic. I can’t fix your 2023 Toyota. Even financial advisors have a flavor. It’s based on you. It’s no different.

So I can’t tell you this is a one size fits all – start here and take this and do these three things. It’s really about conversation. And I think that’s my differentiator. If you want to try to find something on the internet, have at it! I guarantee you, it likely won’t stick.

Tina: What I will say about the internet is…find the positive people that you relate to and connect up with them, so that every single day, all that positive stuff is coming into your feed. And it’s a constant. Talk about keeping the right energy in front of you!

Deanne: Yeah, to find people… I wholeheartedly agree with that. Finding the right niche…that’s going to motivate you and all of that, right? I think it’s more so about finding the fix because I think it’s about having the support and the right people in your corner to make it happen. That’s a differentiator.

Tina: Yeah and finding the fix…it makes me laugh a little bit because there is no… The fix is you! The fix is the inner work. That’s my whole thing. My whole life, I looked outside of myself like, “Why is my life not working? It must be somebody else’s fault. There must be a reason outside of me that stuff isn’t working.”

And it’s like, “No, no, no. Okay, what do I get to own here?” I get to own that I’m yelling at my kids. I get to own that… We get to really own what’s working in our life and celebrate it, like you said, and what’s not working. And that’s where you go, “Okay, I guess I’ll dive in there first” because no one’s coming to save you. I’m sorry, but no one’s coming to save us. We get to fix our health.

Deanne: And in my niche, you could go out on the internet and try to find a calculator that said, “Hey, you eat this much. And by the way, this fat is better than that fat. And you probably should fast or maybe you should cycle or you should cut down on carbs or you shouldn’t eat after this time of day.” I just rattled off a handful of things. You’re getting all of that when you go Google. And bless for the person that can make sense of it all themselves, but they are few and far between.

There is no one size fits all and that’s where I come in. I can help you make sense of it all. We can take small, simple steps and remember the most important piece is to give yourself grace along the way.

Tina: Beautiful! I love it! So where can people find you, Deanne? So if I’m like, “Oh my gosh, I must call her…”

Deanne: You can find me on LinkedIn. You can find me on Instagram. You can find me on Facebook. You’re welcome to reach out to me via email at fuelingthebestyou@gmail.com.

Really! Shoot me an email and just drop the word Believe. Shoot me a text – just that one word. Believe. And I’m here to help you start believing in yourself.

Tina: Amazing! Beautiful. That’s a legacy!

I usually ask at the end, “What legacy are you leaving?” So I would love for you to put that into words. You kind of just said it a little bit, but it’s about believing in yourself. What legacy are you intentionally creating here, Deanne?

Deanne: I think it’s kind of funny because I think about this and initially when the word legacy comes to mind, I think, “My gosh! I’m supposed to save up hundreds of thousands of dollars so I can leave this huge financial load to someone someday or something?”

But to me, it’s really not about that. I think my legacy is – when people reflect on me – it’s that I’m empowering people to make healthy choices. I want their health to keep pace with their wealth. I want them to enjoy retirement. I want them to be active. We all work so hard for what we do, right? And I want to make sure that people have that opportunity.

Tina: Yeah, I love your phrase. Health keeping pace with wealth. Genius! I love it. So yeah, I am so incredibly proud of you. You are a powerhouse. Your energy is incredible! You just…by being…you light it up, right? You’re lighting it up everywhere you go, so super proud of you. Keep doing the work, girl, because you’re changing the world. It’s amazing.

Deanne: And thank you so much for your support, Tina. You are just as amazing.

Tina: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Together we rise, right?

Deanne: You bet.

Tina: You bet. We’re so midwest! You bet’cha!

All right everyone. That is this episode of Your Leadership Legacy. Go find Deanne. She’s amazing. We’ll talk to you next time! Bye.