Why Your Leadership Matters During Change

May 27, 2020 | Blog

As we open up the doors, post pandemic, we continue to shift and evolve into our new paradigm.

Radical transformation is happening in our world right now. How are you doing at transforming with it? How is your TEAM doing? After many years of status quo and same old, same old, radical change in all aspects of life is gushing in and will become our new consistent.

Did you know that 87% of strategy/vision fails because people resist change? That is how difficult it is to move through change. So, I started thinking about why change is so hard and this is what evolved.

Companies have divisions dedicated to moving people through change, yet most of the time, these efforts are focused on the business result. Success is measured and attained when the result happens. This is great, true and profitable for the business, however what about the growth and leadership needed to support the person through the change?

Often, change is overwhelming and if not managed, there is an unhealthy path of destruction. Results are not met, the team is in breakdown, burn out, addiction, personal life and relationships are affected. The pandemic brought the future of work to our doorstep and the line between work and home is more blurry than ever. Issues at work go home and challenges at home come to work. In order to move through transformation and make it stick, new skill sets are needed in order to stay focused, healthy, grounded and productive.

Too often as I train and coach leaders and teams, I hear how frustrated, alone and helpless they feel. Here are a few staggering statistics on what was going on in the workplace, pre-pandemic:

  • 68% of employees are disengaged (gulp)
  • 75% of employees leave their job due to their manager (another gulp)
  • 43% of employees state they are often or always stressed

How does anything ever get done? Let’s keep going….

  • 65% of children entering primary school will hold jobs that today do not currently exist
  • By 2030, a global human talent shortage of more than 85 million people will exist
  • 70% of employees believe training could help them become more focused on the job and better at managing their time, but 66% have never asked their managers for such training

So, people were already unhappy with status quo, pre pandemic. Imagine what’s going on with teams now, as we move through this massive, transformational change to our global workplace.

Add to it that technology is moving at rapid speeds creating opportunities for jobs that we either wont ask for development for or companies don’t keep up with the up-skilling needed to fill the jobs (mostly because development is first thing companies cut).

So, we have a bit of a catch 22, here. A ton of opportunity is out there, yet we lack the leadership and skills to move through the change and make it reality.

Here is why your leadership matters, especially during change:

Based on the above, we understand the what and why, but not always the HOWThis is the gap. When it comes to the future of work, we are in uncharted territory and both businesses and people are looking for the HOW. How to move through change. How to think and work differently. How to get work done. How to be happy. How to work at home. How to keep the team engaged. How to make money. How to communicate remotely. How to stay afloat. How to prioritize. How to retool operations. How to be seen. How to be productive. How to stay healthy. How to sustain results.

Yet there is little alignment between getting business results and the wellness and leadership programs that teach the HOW. Both are important, yet without the leadership development and up-skilling to teach people how to think, be and work differently in our future of work, we could be fighting a losing battle.

  • 77% of organizations report a gap in leadership development (reminder: 75% of time, talent leaves position due to leadership)
  • If a job lacks growth opportunities and avenues for leadership development, 67% of millennials would leave that position
  • Offering career training and development would keep 86% of millennials from leaving their current position

So, in a world constantly noisy, shifting and evolving, what is the new normal? What is the answer? In almost every aspect of life, the new normal is constant, consistent change and evolution.

What does all this mean? It means that we/you/me are never done growing. It used to be go to school, get a job and stay in that job until you retire. This is simply not the case anymore. The workforce has changed and will continue to rapidly evolve.

What’s happening is people are sitting back and waiting to see what happens (remember…66% never ask for the development/training). We/You/I can not afford to do this. There is an urgency that has not been there in the past. Have you asked yourself what this means to you? How are you personally responsible for your development? How are you growing and evolving? How are you leading right now? Yourself, your family, your work, your team?

THIS is why your leadership matters.

Whether you are reading this and thinking about it from a personal perspective, a professional perspective, or as a business owner, please understand that you can no longer sit back and wait for “it” to happen. Same old, same old does not exist anymore. We are in a new day where we must take control of our life and/or business and think differently and do things differently. Rising up in your own leadership to get curious, ask the tough questions and taking action has never been more important.

The last statistic I leave you with is 90% of top performers are high in emotional intelligence. On the flip side, just 20% of bottom performers are high in emotional intelligence. Why are we not doubling down on training leadership and EQ skills as a CORE competencies in the workplace?

Imagine a world where we could inject a leadership growth mindset and EQ skills into all levels of an organization? ALL LEVELS. Leadership skills do not require a title.

Imagine how every employee having a leadership and growth mindset would impact the results of the business?

Imagine how it would impact personal and professional results and relationships on your TEAM.

Imagine every employee is a profit center and every manager/leader’s engagement and results are at an all time high.

Imagine employees at all levels show up each day with a growth mindset and the leadership skills to create outstanding results while at the same time maintaining a happy, centered life in all areas of their life. BOOM!

THAT is radical transformation AND it IS possible for you and your TEAM!

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