The Journey Never Ends

Mar 24, 2017 | Blog

I’ve spent the last several years on a personal discovery journey and it’s been the most amazing and transformational thing I’ve ever done. I’ve worked hard. Really hard. I’ve had to learn a new kind of discipline and commitment. Most of all I needed to learn to love ME. Love and respect myself….first. I’m pretty good at taking care of others. So good, that I often found myself in burn out mode, which lead to unhealthy in many ways. And it was my own fault.

So many times we see transformation pictures and we first think of exercise and diet. While that is true, there’s this other big piece that people often forget. Mindset. Until I learned to love and respect myself, I couldn’t even get to the exercise and eating because I would self sabotage myself by making bad choices like telling myself I was stupid, ugly and not worthy. Then grab a bag of Cheetos, hop straight up on the couch and watch TV for 6 hours. This mindset took up all my focus and energy and stopped me from respecting myself enough to focus on becoming the best version of myself. I was stuck in my comfort zone of self sabotage, lazy decisions and toxic addictions.

Loving yourself has to come first. If not, we revert back to bad habits and programming. Programing that took many years to develop inside us, trying to live up to other’s expectations (family, work, society, body image). Respect yourself enough to find the will and a way to rise up and out of the toxic. Respect yourself enough to search and dig for YOUR happy. It’s right there inside you, I promise. This allows you to become the best possible authentic version of YOU! Cold hard truth…it starts with taking control of that itty bitty shitty committee that lives in your head. True Story. It’s a process and it takes time, but it’s never too late. I’m 47 years old and for the first time in my life I can say I love me. How weird is that? It’s definitely NOT because I think I’m perfect. It’s completely because I’ve faced my demons, did the hard ass work to heal through them and let them go. I accept my imperfections and work to embrace them and continue to give myself time to grow and get better each day.

Today, I don’t have the urge to strive for perfection like I used to. I know I am focused and working hard on ME vs spending my time and energy worrying about others and things I can’t control. The goal is to be better today than yesterday. Better tomorrow than today and so on. Progress, not perfection! This mindset allows me to be better about showing up in my true authentic self.

The first picture is taken around 7 years ago about the time I realized something had to change. I was at my heaviest and yoyo’d for several years without direction, getting frustrated and not understanding why all the quick fixes didn’t work. I am sure I tried most of them.

Three years ago, my friend Michelle Wanie asked me to go to a retreat. I said yes to me and it changed my world. I am SO blessed to find a sister tribe and coaches in Danette May and Lori Harder. I am ready to share my story. Make a message out of my “mess”. I want to share my story from a place of love, hoping it can help someone in some way. I want to continue to push through my comfort zone and grow in an effort to help others, so they can help others and so on.

The biggest lesson of all…the journey never ends. There is no end date. I am still becoming and that is the most exciting part of it all! We all walk this journey together, hand in hand, cheering each other on and rising each other up. Find a tribe and love it hard!!

Much love,


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