My team had the benefit of working with Tina and her Leadership workshop. Tina's programs take the personal side of each individual to leverage group collaboration and acceleration. Our Team dynamic saw instant improvement and a renewed openness of communication and trust. I highly recommend her program for any leadership team.
I would highly recommend Tina to anyone looking for guidance in personal or spiritual growth. She worked with me individually to recognize my inner strengths and personal values, provided me with tools on incorporating those strengths and values into my life which has allowed me to grow personally and begin living true to my authentic self.
This workshop was absolutely amazing and exactly what I needed. Today was my turning point. I will forever be grateful to Tina for today.
Tina your workshop did not disappoint this was an inspirational day for me and my journey has also began! You have created a new sisterhood for me exclamation your tools and the experiences were so powerful I would recommend this workshop to Everywoman I know of all ages!
Thank you Tina Paulus for your message and authenticity it's inspiring and contagious the I am affirmation exercises truly brought a beautiful glow to all attending. Empowering me to choose happy!
Tina has a beautiful and fiery soul that has a way of sparkling true inspiration and those around her. She was born to help and inspire others and she inspires me to find and be my true self every time I meet with her. She will gently push you to find your truth and meaning. She makes a painful process easier because she radiates love and authenticity and encourages you to do the same.
I have attended several leadership events and heard many professional speakers. Sometimes their message resonates for the moment, sometimes days or weeks. Tina's message changes you and stays with you forever. After hearing Tina speak I was ready for the world and she provided the tools and resources to help me along the journey. I recommend Tina without reservation or hesitation. I have no doubt that she can (and will) help you and or your organization.
I have known Tina for 4 years. She started off as my hiring manager & has grown into to great friend & mentor. Whenever I felt like I was deviating from my path & wasn't sure which way to turn to get back on track, I could always talk to Tina knowing her advice would be balanced & have me looking at the positives. Tina has grown a lot as a person & leader, and I had the privilege to attend one of her seminars, which I know going forward will help many others find their purpose in this crazy thing called life.
No matter where you are in your personal development journey, you can find something valuable and worthwhile in a workshop class with Tina. So well done!
Thank you Tina! This was such an empowering day that any age women will enjoy being in a room full of strong women was so inspiring and will give me the ability to continue on with my own life's journey.
Truly amazing day taking six hours to reflect study and grow leaving with tools that can lead to a happier being starting now.
I feel inspired to know I'm not alone and how I feel. Knowing you are part of a bigger movement encourages me to move forward to a better me!
Working with Tina has given me the tools necessary to love myself just as I am. She has taught me that through regular meditation, movement and self-love the mind, body and soul will remain strongly connected. For the first time in my life, I'm not afraid to shine my light for all the world to see. As I continue on my journey of personal growth and strength with Tina, I know the best is yet to be. "I am beautiful, I am enough, I am ME!
When I met Tina, I was a person striving to find who I was and where I belonged. I had been in a profession where I felt I was running into walls, my confidence had been altered and my drive to succeed had been shaken. Through difficult conversations, self-reflection and guidance from Tina, I started to find my truth. What I realized is that life isn't about the paths you choose, it's about knowing your truth while you are on your journey. Living an authentic life and owning the choices you make, no matter where you decide to go. Tina taught me what being true to myself was all about. It was my discovery, it was my story to tell. Before working with Tina, I was frustrated and discouraged with no real purpose. Today, I am proud of the person I am evolving into and confident knowing my truth is something no one can ever take from me.
Choose your happy was an amazing experience. We laughed, we cried and we had the opportunity to reflect through journaling. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to face some of their baggage and begin the process of letting go. Thank you Tina. I'll pay it forward!
Today was truly what I needed it open many of the emotions that I wanted to let go and you sure helped me do that and my also it also directed me to focus on me to become better in being a wife mother and friend. And walk in my center every day and not fall. Feeling invisible is hard.