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A new day requires a new way


The workplace has dramatically changed. How are you and your team evolving with it?

It has never been more important to build teams that move rapidly through change.

High performing teams who trust and respect each other collaborate and create extraordinary results.

It starts with you, leader! 💥

Your self-leadership is a direct reflection of your team.

Ready to build a powerful, diverse, inclusive team of the future?


TEAM AGREEMENTS disrupts traditional training, coaching, and consulting by combining several methodologies to deliver an on-the-job, intensive, and experiential leadership development & team training program.


This training & coaching framework allows the entire team to align and collaborate as they move through rapid change together – creating a cohesive, inclusive team poised for high performance and unprecedented results.

What if your team operated under agreed-to and aligned-upon agreements?

  • A framework for creating agreed rules of engagement for conflict and communication
  • Accountability embedded into the fiber of the team.
  • Established agreements for embodying trust and collaboration
  • Defined strategy to continuously re-tool, upskill and reinvent in the midst of constant and rapid change
  • A sustainable process to continuously check in on results and quickly adjust, as needed


The Team Agreements workshop is an experience designed to set your team up for success, poised to achieve extraordinary results.

Walk away with:

  • Unprecedented team engagement
  • Masterful communication skills
  • 3 step, repeatable process to flow through conflict
  • Unleashed peak performance
  • Proven strategies for modern day times

We support you to:

Rise into your leadership excellence

Harness the power of team to reach extraordinary results

Increase employee satisfaction and buy-in by empowering your team to be their own leaders

Learn crucial team communication skills to create a collaborative and inclusive workplace

Empower your team to re-skill and adopt a continuous improvement & growth mindset


Unify an inclusive and diverse team who work cohesively to reach extraordinary results!


Establish a team culture of communication expectations with accountability embedded into the fiber of the team.


Align HOW the team will work together to empower each other and place trust and collaboration as the foundation for success.


Develop strategy around how the team will continuously re-tool, up-skill, and reinvent into the future, both individually and as a team.

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Evolving Leaders, Empowering Teams

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