Our Wake Up Call is Here – Will We Answer?

Jun 1, 2020 | Blog

What is happening in our country right now, actually globally, is nothing new. It just happens to be on video now for the world to see exposing what we have been pretending not to know.

Are we starting to “wake up”? Abuse of power has been around for lifetimes of generations; that doesn’t mean it has to continue. It can’t. We are better than this. The pandemic is a massive wake up call to humanity. We are at a choice point. Do we want more of the same or is it time to choose a brighter future?

I’ve been sitting on these words for a couple days. I don’t know what is or isn’t “right”. I might not have the right words, I might not “get it right”. And, even though my internal demons are telling me to stop so I don’t make a mistake, I can’t stop. If not me, who. If not you, who? If enough rise up, collectively, we CAN create change.

It must to be more than our words. It will also take courage and committed action.

This means not only getting mad/sad/heartbroken from the safety of our comfy seat in the living room, but also taking a stand and being part of the solution to create the future you/me/we want to see and live in. 

Personal responsibility keeps ringing through my head. To me, personal responsibility also looks like self leadership. Imagine a world where we all just took personal responsibility and lead our self as our best version. I spent the first 45 years of my life “asleep”. A robot. I went through the motions. I did what I thought I was supposed to do; what I was programmed to do, to say and to believe. Too worried about what others thought and judging those who didn’t think or act like me. I was unaware. Sleeping. Unconscious. So incredibly unconscious.

My ego told me otherwise. My ego said. Look at you! You made it. You beat the odds. All that trauma and you “made it”. My ego would tell me I did all the right things…. I had the career, the title, the six figures. It all looked perfect on paper from the outside and I worked hard and wore a lot of masks to keep it that way.

I tell you this because I know I am not alone. I hear these same words every day from leaders and teams I work with. My “wake up call” came when I got the call one Sunday morning from my adult daughter, who at 24, was at her bottom from addiction to drugs and alcohol. It’s crazy how in the blink of an eye, all of the material items, fancy things and powerful titles don’t mean crap anymore. Her addiction had been happening in front of my eyes and I was so wrapped up in the rat race, I didn’t see it. #momguilt #wakeupcall

It’s been 5 years and today she is sober, healthy, happy and thriving in her life. The moment she surrendered and choose rehab, she took personal responsibility. At the same time she went to rehab 5 years ago, I also started my own journey to find answers. As it turns out, it was a journey home to ME. And, it started the moment I took personal responsibility. 

Responsibility for the thoughts in my head and words I say to others, responsibility for my actions, my reactions, my behavior. Basically, it was a journey to reprogram, physically, mentally and emotionally. In the process of it all, I found my leadership. I found my voice. I found my passion and my purpose. What I lost was 50 lbs and a whole lot of pent up emotional baggage and toxic beliefs. I would never have gone down that path, nor taken the time to self develop like that if I had not “woken up” and taken personal responsibility for how I was showing up in my life. My life, personally and professionally was not working and I needed a wake up call to realize it.

I woke up to the fact that I could choose to spend my time and energy in victim, judgement and unhappy OR I could choose to spend my precious time and energy on BEing the person I said I wanted to be; happy, healthy and peaceful.

It was/is a game changer and made me realize when I take personal responsibility, get REALLY honest with myself and face my own sh*&, the possibilities that exist are beyond measure.

Personal responsibility at all levels is the secret sauce to our bright future.

What are you pretending not to know? What does getting honest with yourself look like?

Here’s how this comes together. As I rise in my personal responsibility (it’s a lifelong journey), I understand that life is not about me. Like literally, at all. I’m pretty sure back in the day, I literally thought the universe did in fact, revolve around me.

Turns out, leadership is about rising the conscious collective and my ONLY role is to serve. When I let go of control for what I think the outcome should look like and hold myself (and my TEAM) accountable walk the talk and LIVE it, I show up as my best self and leader.

Imagine a world where each individual is programmed (taught) and empowered with personal responsibility and a growth mindset from childhood. A world where power, greed judgement and hierarchy do not exist and where ALL humans rise each other up and honor each other. That is a world with no divide. That is the world I want to live in.

Is this world possible? YES! Of course it is. We just choose differently. Why are we not doing everything we can to raise children and operate as adults like this? Why do we keep repeating generations of patterns (programming)?

What if we redefined what power meant? We can’t pretend anymore like it’s not possible. There are too many examples to count from history where, as a collective, in crisis, we rose collectively to overcome incredible odds thought to be impossible.

Don’t pretend like you don’t get that personal responsibility is a choice. Based on what is happening in this world in this very moment, we no longer can afford to bury our head in the sand or pretend. The stakes have never been higher.

The pandemic is a call to action to wake up. Wake up and take personal responsibility. BE part of the solution. To commit to action and change, starting with self.

This is my call to action. Please wake up. I don’t say it in a mean way. I say it in a call to action, calm urgency, kind of way. Take committed action. Just do something. It can look however you make it look. There is no judgement here. Just take a stand. Get committed. Use your voice. Take action.

Answer the call.

Your silence is violence. It’s more of the same. Sitting back watching and waiting, thinking you have time or know better is privilege. More of the same.

Imagine, if we all intentionally personally commit to….something….imagine what we can create towards a new future. What would you commit to? It seems so overwhelming, yet when we start by simply taking ownership to be our best self, the journey begins.

Here is what I am committed to:

·      I am committed to donate time and money

·      I am committed to use my voice

·      I am committed to be curious and ask questions

·      I am committed to be open

·      I am committed to have conversations

·      I am committed to be an ally and to be a stand

·      I am committed to learn and grow

·      I am committed to love and kindness

·      I am committed to unity and connection

·      I am committed to get messy and uncomfortable

·      I am committed to not judge myself or others

·      I am committed to be generous and give my time and energy

·      I am committed to be accountable

·      I am committed to be part of the solution

·      I am committed to conscious leadership

Individually, when we rise by taking personal responsibility, collectively, we can and WILL change the planet.

I am not trying to be right AND I am not trying to make you wrong. I am simply committed to personal responsibility and to creating a different future. Who is with me?

We get to collectively change the course and create a bright future. Together, we CAN.

I am accountable. I take a stand.

Your leadership is needed. It matters.

What are you committed to?

Your wake up call is here – will you answer?

If you are ready to take your leadership and/or your TEAM to the next level and explore personal responsibility, connect and let’s talk! There has never been a more important time to rise in your leadership. The world needs you.

Originally published on LinkedIn