Next Level Leadership

Jul 28, 2021 | Blog

I did something really hard. It pushed me. Expanded me in ways I did not know possible. And I kept going.

Three years ago, I went through a transformational leadership program. It was so impactful, I’ve went back a few times since to coach others going through the same program. I continued to level up my leadership each time I coached the program and quickly became addicted to this work as I saw hundreds of beautiful people transform in front of my eyes.

Four months ago, I was asked to Captain the next leadership class, HCL22. I was super nervous about it. All the voices kicked up a notch in my head “Captain?…yeah right” “ Are you even ready for this?” “What if you blow it?” “What if people realize I am not a good leader/coach/trainer/human?” I quickly pushed the limiting beliefs to the side and said “HECK YES!” and built my team of coaches (with a ton of support) in less than a week!

It’s been an amazing ride. We just completed the 4 month leadership program where 100 leaders from across the globe graduated as transformed leaders. Literally walked out different humans from when they started Day 1. This blanket arrived today, given to me by my team of 18 coaches, as a gift. My heart is full and I could barely speak when I opened it.

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As Captain, it was one of the most intense, expansive and challenging adventures I’ve had AND also one of the very most rewarding. This team of 18 coaches created magic on their teams and on the full team because that is who they are. I stand beside each one of them forever. Master leaders in life. We are bonded at a soul level. This blanket is everything. Our contract. Our vision for what we intended to create. During the four months, this team created every word on it. I am forever grateful.

There is always a next level. Always. No matter who you are or where you might be in your life, I guarantee you, unless you are Mother Teresa (and maybe even her), there IS a next level out there waiting for you.

The question is, are you willing to go get it?

Because the truth is…it’s easier to stay where you are.

It is.

Chances are, for the most part, you are comfortable where you are. It’s easier to stay mad/sad/right. Sometimes it even feels good there. It’s easier to pretend not to know what’s NOT working in your life. I get it. I sat in pretending not to know for 45 years.

Let me ask you a question…are you happy? Truly authentically happy?

If you are YES, I honor you.

If you are NO, then please keep reading…

It doesn’t have to be this way. I know you might think it’s “just what you were handed” or “nothing ever goes right for me”. Some of my clients have even said “I am happy…“enough”.

What do you REALLY want in life? For real. Is it to be mostly happy or is it to live a life you’ve always imagined?

What did you want before everyone told you it was not possible?

I spent 45 years of my life living a life I thought I was supposed to live. Always searching for something outside of me and never really knowing what it was. Acquiring all the stuff. Everything on paper said I SHOULD BE happy and inside I was dying.

Today, I realize that what I was searching for was MY happy. To FEEL good inside. To love life. I was so busy being mad or sad or jealous or not content that I missed all the wonder life offers. Even after I had all the material things I thought would get me there, I was still left with a feeling that there had to be more.

Happiness is an inside job and until I took myself on, did I realize that the joy had been there all along and what I was really searching for was deep down inside me. Not outside of me like I once thought. No house or car or promotion or man will ever create lasting inner peace.

Until I confronted my demons, forgave them and let them lovingly go, was I able to create joy, acceptance and unconditional love within myself. The secret sauce to joy is within you. You get to go in search for it. Deep inner work is emotional and hurts. This is why people resist the work. And, yet it’s the difficult inner shadow work that will set you FREE.

The Process/The Work:

Confront it. Take it on. Reckon with it. Accept it. Let it go. Heal. Grow.

This is the work of self leadership. This is the work of BEING authentically YOU.

Imagine the time and space you will free up by not letting these demons have power over how you show up in your life. By freeing up this space, you get to create what you REALLY want, without the past limiting beliefs and programming holding you back.

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Happiness may be an inside job, but DO NOT lone wolf it. My job as your coach is to support you through the process. The day I hired a coach is the day my world began to truly change, evolve and grow because I took my power back and allowed someone else to support me!

Creating TEAM excellence is next level. Anyone can claim to be a leader. Any team can claim to be a team. This experience has expanded me in ways I never dreamed possible. Excellence is a choice. Playing team is a choice. Neither is an easy choice AND both will serve a team to create extraordinary results. A team is a group of people who trust and honor each other and understand when one does not win, no one wins. When someone on the team is not whole, the team is not whole.

A new day requires a new way. Old school leadership does not work.

The future is Team. Everyone on a team is a leader. Together, collaboratively, inclusively. Masters of communication with a strong, clear vision and undying intention will create extraordinary results AND like each other at the same time. This is what teams of the future look like.

What teams do you play on? The key to better team performance starts with YOU. Too often we spend time and energy complaining about and/or judging what or who is not working. Stop. Please stop. Be a next level leader and bring forward positive change. Be the solution.

That’s next level!

Go after what you really want. If you are not living a life of authentic happiness, BE the solution. Get curious. Take yourself on. Create next level leadership within YOU!

What will you do today that is next level for you?

Originally published on LinkedIn