Finding Your Happy

May 5, 2019 | Blog

What are you holding onto that’s keeping you from being happy?

Life is pretty amazing when we allow it to be. When we let go of control and stop worrying what others think. When we stop comparing and trying to be right. When we stop focusing on our imperfections.

Ask yourself “how can I love myself in this moment?” “What is the right answer for me?” This interrupts past programming and allows you to regroup and dig within. 

Settling into exactly who we are in every moment is the greatest gift of all.

All I needed was permission. To know I wasn’t alone. To believe that I would be loved and accepted at my rawest core. Under all the masks and at the root of it all, to trust I would belong.

And in the biggest irony of all, it turns out when I surrendered I could see that I was the only one who needed to approve or accept any of it. I needed to love me! 

What I’d been looking for outside of me seemed so insignificant. It wasn’t a man. A career. A title. It wasn’t having more and doing more. It was me allowing me to BE exactly who I was/am supposed to be! Without fear of judgement, perfection or comparison, just be me. 

In the past, I’d looked everywhere else for what I thought I needed to “be happy! Men, shopping, drugs, alcohol (I’m sure there’s more). “Surely if I get this new handbag, I will be complete.” 

The irony was that my “happiness” was always within me. I am the only only who can truly make me happy. When I stopped resisting this concept and started practicing new tools and skills, suddenly happiness began to appear in my life. 

It changed everything. I gained a new mindset and a boat load of possibility. The only thing I lost was 50 pounds and a whole lot of clutter around my house and in my life!

Life is good when we allow it to be. When we choose it to be. Are you ready? 🔥

Originally posted on LinkedIn