Breaking Through

It’s such a cliché. Life begins on the other side of your comfort zone. We all know it’s true, but we roll our eyes just a little when we hear it. Why is that? One word – Fear. In order to justify this concept, we must be open to do something we are fearful of. Almost […]

The Journey Never Ends

I’ve spent the last several years on a personal discovery journey and it’s been the most amazing and transformational thing I’ve ever done. I’ve worked hard. Really hard. I’ve had to learn a new kind of discipline and commitment. Most of all I needed to learn to love ME. Love and respect myself….first. I’m pretty […]

Ready to change the way you think? Here’s how to choose happiness.

By: Katie Nelson | American Family Insurance Dream Bank “Happiness is something everyone desires,” says Tina Paulus-Krause. “However, just because we desire it doesn’t mean that we all go about attaining it in the same way.” As the founder of True You, Tina Paulus-Krause is an expert on the art of choosing happiness. After struggling […]

Moving Mountains

Featured on The Huffington Post I know myself well enough to know that if something is scary to me I should dive straight into it. In July 2015, I attended an exclusive retreat in Vail, Colorado held by the one and only Danette May called Elevate Your Life. I’d heard her speak at a Lori […]

Gratefulness is a Choice

I’ve wanted to start blogging now for several months. It was a fear thing for me. What if I say something wrong? What if I offend someone? What if someone takes the wrong message? It has to be perfect. Well, if I wait for perfect, it will never happen, so today is the day. Today, […]

What are Your Non-Negotiables?

We all only have 24 hours in a day. In the 24 hours we have, work consumes much of our time and energy. I love the weekends because they give me a chance to recharge and get myself ready for the next week. I’ve created many really good habits this year including using Sundays to […]