A 5 Step Process to Create Clarity and Purpose in Your Life

Aug 25, 2019 | Blog

Who wants to remove clutter in their life?

Are you taking time for yourself to reflect what’s working in your life? What about what’s not working? Every day is a new day. Every week is a new week. At any moment, you can CHOOSE to reinvent yourself, to start over, to do better; BE better.

With an intentional daily practice of taking time to reflect, you set yourself up for success. The process gives you the space to reflect on last week. What you accomplished. What you learned. How you grew. 

It’s also time to reflect on the coming week. To think about what you want to accomplish. What you will learn. What intentions you have to grow. Who will you support? How will you focus out and serve others?

Take a break today and give yourself the gift of time. Time to breathe. Time to think.

Create clarity. Clarity of purpose. Clarity of intent. Clarity of action.

Here is a 5 step by step process to create clarity in your life, both personally and professional:

1.     Set time aside each Sunday to pause for think time and get clarity as we head into another week. Be intentional about setting this time aside. Time block it. Use the questions above to journal and help work through the reflection.

2.     Define what’s cluttered. Sometimes clutter takes the form of decluttering our living space. Sometimes it’s our mind cluttered with thoughts which don’t move us forward towards our goals. And, sometimes decluttering can mean having that clearing conversation you’ve been avoiding with someone our mind keeps thinking of.

3.     Commit and focus in on what it will take to clear it out. It might be setting aside an hour on a specific day to clean a closet you can’t open the door to. Maybe it’s scheduling a call with someone or maybe it’s taking time for a hot bath or a massage. Name it and commit.

4.     Take action! Put a plan in place for how you will accomplish what you get to do and do it! Write it down and review it daily to keep the focus on your goal.

5.     Hold yourself accountable to make it happen. Don’t be afraid to ask someone for support. Accountability can happen in many ways.

……     There is secret Step 6…rinse and repeat. This is ongoing!

When we live with clutter in our life, it’s difficult to find clarity in what we really want in our life. In moments of decision, with a clear mind, we are able to make the right next move based on intention and what we want to create in life. Decluttering your life will clear away the toxic and make room for loads of opportunity and possibility! How exciting is that!

How clear are you in what you want to create in your life? What clutter holds you back from living your dream? What clutter will you clear today to find clarity for your next move?

Because I struggled with this for so long AND because I constantly hear clients and others also search for these answers, I offer a Strategy Session designed to support you as you work through exploring what this means to you in your life. During this session, I walk you through the process to dive deep and figure out what clarity and action looks like to YOU. Uniquely you! If this calls to you, click HERE to check it out!


Originally posted on LinkedIn