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Evolving Leaders

IGNITE Your Business Growth

Discover the IGNITE program, a unique strategy-to-implementation program, specially crafted for leaders and their teams. This program is the key to wrapping your business around intentional growth, ensuring rapid and sustainable change.

With year-round support, and several options to secure the level of support that’s perfect for your team, IGNITE guides you at every step to implement transformative GROWTH strategies effectively to create results quickly.

Empowering Teams

Unleash Team Excellence

Our signature TEAM AGREEMENTS workshop is an immersive experience that unlocks unprecedented team engagement and peak performance. This custom transformative journey explores the dynamics of your team, identifying unique strengths and areas for growth. We equip your team with robust tools and strategies to foster accountability, enhance trust, and streamline conflict resolution, leading to a cohesive, resilient team poised to conquer challenges and seize opportunities.

A new day requires a new way

Each year companies spend millions of dollars on traditional training and development and/or send the team to the obligatory conference once per year. We walk away from the learning and what do we do with it? Does it really change how we behave?

We are a transformation and leadership development training and development company redefining how people, leaders, and TEAMS grow leadership.

Deep reflective and immersion experiences combined with a supportive collaborative community create a safe space to learn, grow, practice and transform into the best leader and version possible so that you can lead your team to unprecedented results.

We support you to build a coaching culture where the team, as a whole, is deeply engaged and embodies the strategy each day creating unprecedented results.

Master Communication, Reset Mindset, and Navigate Rapid Change with Confidence

In today’s world, where change is the only constant, high-performing teams are the cornerstone of any successful organization. But even the best teams can face challenges that hinder their progress and well-being.

We specialize in transforming teams from feeling overwhelmed and stuck to becoming powerhouses of communication, collaboration, and continuous growth.

We excel in team transformation, and we know that personal growth is the bedrock of collective success. Whether you’re a leader seeking to enhance your impact or an individual aspiring to reset and thrive through rapid change, the path of self-discovery, mastery, and fulfillment is a critical component of creating the success we seek in business and in life.

a few teams i've transformed

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About Tina Paulus-Krause

At the intersection of passion, purpose, and profound transformation stands Tina Paulus-Krause, a visionary leader and catalyst for change. With a career spanning over two decades, Tina has been at the forefront of empowering individuals and teams to unlock their full potential.

Tina's journey is one of resilience, learning, and growth. From navigating the corporate world to embracing entrepreneurship, she has garnered a wealth of experience in leadership, team dynamics, and personal development. Her unique approach blends strategic thinking with a deep understanding of human behavior, making her an invaluable guide for those seeking to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

Tina is dedicated to creating spaces where transformation is not just a goal but a lived experience. Her transformative workshops, coaching sessions, and speaking engagements are more than just learning opportunities—they are invitations to embark on a journey of self-discovery and collective success.

Tina's philosophy is simple yet profound: transformation begins within. By nurturing the individual, we lay the foundation for stronger teams, healthier organizations, and a more connected world. Her mission is to inspire, empower, and support you in your journey from where you are to where you dream to be.

“I have attended several leadership events and heard many professional speakers. Sometimes their message resonates for the moment, sometimes days or weeks. Tina’s message changes you and stays with you forever. After hearing Tina speak I was ready for the world and she provided the tools and resources to help me along the journey. I recommend Tina without reservation or hesitation. I have no doubt that she can (and will) help you and or your organization.”
– R.D.
“My team had the benefit of working with Tina and her Leadership workshop. Tina’s programs take the personal side of each individual to leverage group collaboration and acceleration. Our Team dynamic saw instant improvement and a renewed openness of communication and trust. I highly recommend her program for any leadership team.”
– J.P.
“Tina has a beautiful and fiery soul that has a way of sparkling true inspiration and those around her. She was born to help and inspire others and she inspires me to find and be my true self every time I meet with her. She will gently push you to find your truth and meaning. She makes a painful process easier because she radiates love and authenticity and encourages you to do the same.”
– M.W.
Evolving Leaders, Empowering Teams

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